A game of trust, secrets, and seemingly pure luck; how well does your friend wear their mask?

Waking up to find herself in a massive underwater military base, Guin Valentine, her twin brother Guy, and fourteen of their closest friends find themselves split into teams by their overseer, a cartoonesque mafia rat named Kairos. He gives them deadly tasks to perform and rewards them with private - and possibly dangerous - secrets about each other. What's the be gained from enduring this is unknown, but one thing is for certain: the mystery circulates around the two appointed leaders, the twins themselves.

Who is Kairos, and what's piloting him? What's to be gained from forcing these young adults into dangerous situations and pitting their trust against one another? And, most importantly...

How does this all relate back to Guin and Guy?

RATS: 252 Chances At Redemption is a "death game" original story written by kisikil. It's semi-illustrated with sprites and CGs, and is written in script format to replicate the feeling of a visual novel or comic!

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